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Made in the USA

Artismo custom-framed prints are constructed, fitted and packaged at one U.S. facility by art lovers like you, delivering hand-crafted artwork with a Made In America quality and spirit.

Artismo utilizes best-in-class wood moulding and framing components, ensuring that the beauty of your artwork is outdone only by the craftsmanship that frames it.

For more than 20 years now, artist James Burghardt has acted as a driving force in the artwork and graphic design industry. Working for some of the world s largest, and most innovative, computer software companies such as Adobe Systems and Microsoft Corporation he has become a pioneer in computer-aided design elements. Designing across all medias, Burghardt s creations have been portrayed through print, television and computer art. While his artwork is a true combination of what is traditional and what is modern, he is known for his unique taste in combining perfect layouts with lively, yet subdued, designs. Burghardt s designs are inspired by the natural artifacts, plants and items that surround him, and his artistic combination of color and nature complements almost any design scheme.

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