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Made in the USA

Artismo custom-framed prints are constructed, fitted and packaged at one U.S. facility by art lovers like you, delivering hand-crafted artwork with a Made In America quality and spirit.

Artismo utilizes best-in-class wood moulding and framing components, ensuring that the beauty of your artwork is outdone only by the craftsmanship that frames it.

One of the greatest historical artists, American ornithologist John James Audubon (1780- 1851) was a naturalist, an explorer, a publisher, an entrepreneur, a writer and an environmentalist. With a love for natural history, Audubon is known for creating a collection of drawings and watercolors of living birds and mammals that are appreciated for both their aesthetic beauty and their scientific accuracy. Throughout his life, Audubon traveled all over North America to find the inspiration he needed to build his portfolio. Furthermore, he set up exhibitions of his work on various trips across the United States and abroad. Ten years after his death, his widow, Lucy Blakewell Audubon, began selling his original drawings and watercolor paintings. Today, his talent is remembered through displays of his work across the nation most namely, the Historical Society, which contains the largest collection of his work, including 431 original watercolors and drawings, 68 unpublished drawings, 4 copper plates, and one complete set of his  The Birds of America collection.