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How our Frames are Made

Your new art piece starts with wood frames that are handcrafted in the U.S. with superior moulding. Artismo carefully constructs frames using high-quality wood that lasts longer and is more durable than the frames you’ll find at typical retail stores. The moulding we use arrives at our facility individually wrapped in 10-foot segments, and we cut it to exact measurements with precision-guided saws. This delicate handling of high-quality wood ensures that your print is encased with beauty and longevity in mind – and the entire process is performed at one facility in the U.S.

Providing you with the convenience of choosing canvas or paper, Artismo custom-framed prints are certain to jump off the page. Our rich, hand-stretched canvases depict sharper images with vibrant colors. Our high-stock paper prints are fortified with foamboard backing and protected with a clear acrylic face, which ensure durability. Artismo uses only acid-free mats. Custom-cut in-house, these mats protect the integrity of your art and prevent discoloration. These components outclass anything you’ll find at a discount retail store.

We are art connoisseurs like you, assembling each masterpiece with delicate craftsmanship. When you submit an order, we use white-glove treatment to package your custom-framed print. Cushioned by cardboard corners and kept afloat inside the shipping box by padded inserts, your new artwork stays protectively buoyant throughout its journey to your doorstep.

Everything you see at is built entirely by hand at one U.S. location. We sell custom-framed art at affordable prices without sacrificing quality – that’s our “Made in America” promise to you.