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Featured Artist - Jennifer Goldberger

Jennifer Goldberger is so committed to her vocation, and has been since age 11, that she doesn’t plan to retire – ever. Firmly entrenched and content with her life in Richmond, Goldberger might just remain in Virginia’s capital city forever. And that would be quite all right.

She’s been drawing since she “could hold a pencil” and always had the drive to be an artist. Her parents supported her from the outset, enrolling her in art classes from kindergarten through high school. Her education continued with a BFA in painting and printmaking – graduating summa cum laude no less.

While in art school, Goldberger developed an affinity for the artwork of Odd Nerdrum (born in 1944) and Caravaggio (1571-1610). That inspiration led her to a niche that she describes as “containing flexibility of style and technical control of painting and drawing to create art that is diverse, yet linked by common themes: sophisticated color, composition, and design, and an understanding of light and space.”

Presently, her inspiration usually comes from within. Goldberger prefers to paint on a surface without texture – usually paper, gesso board or clayboard. That way she can play with the surface and create her own texture with sandpaper, palette knives and scrapers. Most pieces involve 1-2 media, with an arsenal that includes graphite, colored pencil, acrylic, oil, ink, water color, gouche, encaustic, transfer materials, collage, and Photoshop.

“Because of the volume of art that I produce, it is essential to know which is the correct tool/media to use and when,” Goldberger stated in an email to Artismo. “Process is the underlying development that drives each body of work that I create. Drying times, texture, and media (water or solvent) all affect how paint will respond for different effects. The final intended look and feel of the piece is what determines which media I choose.”

Goldberger recently completed seven sets of florals and abstracts that she’s excited about. She followed that with some landscapes and more abstracts, and plans to complete 30-50 sets of paintings from mid-February through the end of March. It’s all done from the serenity of a mostly quiet studio she describes as “organized chaos.”

When she’s not painting, managing other people’s art or searching for up-and-coming artists as part of her job at World Art Group, Goldberger enjoys cooking and taking care of her family. “I have a wonderful husband, an amazing 1-year-old son, and a daughter on the way,” she said.

No wonder retirement is the furthest thing from her mind.

Prints by Jennifer
leftLinen & Silhouettes II
Jennifer Goldberger
Starting From: $110.25
leftLayered Poppies I
Jennifer Goldberger
Starting From: $86.00
leftMarrakesh II
Jennifer Goldberger
Starting From: $98.97
leftMisty Morning II
Jennifer Goldberger
Starting From: $93.01
leftAutumnal Abstract II
Jennifer Goldberger
Starting From: $111.45